Nailing your first job


How a mani adds polish to your personal brand  

Nailing down your first nine-to-five is the perfect time to begin a new self-care ritual for the goal digger in you.

Regular manicures add the perfect finishing touch to your #outfitoftheday -- both on and off the clock. It’s a small change that can have a BIG impact on your everyday routine.

Here are three ways manicures are a game-changer in the professional world:

Say hello to your new a.m. hustle

Your mornings are about to get easier. A “mani” not only adds a pop of polish to your look - but it’s one extra step that’s taken care of for you. No more waiting around for your nails to dry - and you can pass on the press-ons.  

Prepare to slay all day

From meetings to memos, a manicure finishes your look so you can finish the job. You will shake hands more confidently, poise your pen a little more prominently and your fingers look great holding your smartphone.

Add polish to your personal brand

There is a reason it’s called nail polish … because polish is the look you are going for. Whether it’s your a.m. latte or a lunch date, a manicure brings a mark of distinction everywhere you go.

You can personalize your brand and stay current with one of 2019’s hottest nail polish trends:

●      Floral art: perfect for spring, flowers are popping up on fingertips everywhere, adding seasonal elegance

●      Sheer: the way is clear for translucent acrylic nail tips in subdued hues that add a subtle hint of colour to your overall look  

      Abstract shapes: add a pop of art with simple lines and geometric shapes for a streamlined look

From the latest trendy colours and shapes, All My Nails offers up-to-the-minute, must-have mani treatments using only the most reputable products with superior quality. Treatments include:

●      New sets of nails - using the latest acrylic, solar, and UV technology

●      Gel polish manicures or Shellac

Whether it’s your first or fifteenth, it’s easy to book your treatment online anytime, 24/7