Foot Care

Foot Care / Advanced Foot Care

Foot Care treatment by C.M.P.
For adults and diabetics feet needing more than a pedicure. This Foot Care is safe for Diabetic's, this service includes, nail clipping and filing, shaping and reducing of heavy callus or Ingrown nails ((*helping you to correct and understand and conservative clipping to reduce pain.)(Without Infection)). - $50

Advanced Foot Care treatment.

Preformed by C.M.P. C.Pod   Compliance by the Examine Board of Health Care Practitioners.

This service is for all adults and diabetics needing extra care to their feet or have sore feet. This service will help you to understand more about why your feet are sore, creating more callus then usual or have corns on toes or base of your feet. We Focuses on the problem areas of feet and toenails.  This service helps to reduce discomfort and prevents problems from developing.  Any pain caused by the above is reason to see us and not any other nail salon. We’ll leave you with a better understanding of lower leg or foot gait related problems. - $50-$65.

Our assessment-preventive treatment is not in placement of a doctor. We are here to help inform you of other need’s to tend to your mobility issues. Nail clipping and filing, callus removal, shaping and reducing nail bed disorders, ingrown nails (without infection); helping you to understand your feet and fungal care and helping you to recognize a foot problem. Regular foot care will help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.   We are here to help you with recommendations and referrals to Chiropodist/Podiatrist or Pedorthist (orthotics)  when more specialized treatment is required.

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